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Vandana 2
Receiving Divine Healing Intervention From The Invisible Realms & Higher Dimensional Benevolent Beings
Package A Includes 24 MP3s.
Title and Description :
Ascended Beings From The Higher Dimensions:

Experience enlightened messages from the ascended beings of solar & celestial light. Your cosmic guides desire to connect with you at the level of the heart to guide you on your path of evolution. Teleport to your home planet & star systems to raise your vibrational frequencies to match the vast splendor of the mind, heart, & body of infinite consciousness. These higher Beings of great light deliver profound messages for you & your loved ones from the Pleideas , Sirius, & our twin star Venus.

Accelerated Pain Healing:

Receive accelerated healing light from the spirit doctors & divine medical intervention board in the higher dimensions who have direct knowledge & expertise to release & relieve physical, mental, & emotional pain. Vandana channels these kind & compassionate beings to provide deep comfort & unlock blocks to experiencing radiant health as your nature state of well being. She will take you on a guided journey to unwind stress, struggle, & trauma from this or any timeline, realm, or reality so you can befriend & harmonize with pain instead of fighting or resisting it.

What If Pain Didn’t Exist?
What if pain was simply a way for the bodies intelligence to grab your attention so you can transform how you care for, love, cherish, & honor your beautiful body? Experience a multidimensional clearing to cleanse & purify your cellular consciousness & release toxic emotions & ancestral beliefs creating the space to create perfect health & vitality. Restore your life force energies as you plug you & your body back into the state of wellness, peace, & harmony.
Moving Beyond Pain, Dis-ease, & Disharmony
Whether the pain you’re experiencing belongs to someone else or whether the pain is due to ascension symptoms and solar flare activity, it still hurts. You have the powers & the abilities to transmute pain into peace & ease. This divine light transmission & healing activation will harmonize your pain & emotional bodies with loving attention & intention on loving yourself from the inside out. Become aware of (so you can release) genetically inherited & ancestral thoughts, feelings, & beliefs that won’t allow you to receive support & daily blessings as an infinite being of living light. You deserve to feel good every day in every way.
Cosmic Initiations From The Stars
Receive streams of energy blessings from the stars so you can do what you came here to do, follow your soul calling, & create a magical life. This recording will attune you to  the  frequency of  7  star  systems  each  with  its own  unique  vibrational  essence  to  bless  7  aspects  of your current reality.
Experience powerful galactivations from:
  • Arcturus
  • Polaris
  • Pleiades
  • Vega
  • Betelgeuse
  • Rigel
  • Sirius
The benefits you’ll experience  include: Soul Awareness, Deep Compassion, Radical kindness, Increased Prosperity, Overflowing Abundance, & The highest expression of self-love that will remain with you as your enhanced state of being as love incarnate.
Getting Clear On Your Clairs – Seeing Through Your Spiritual Eyes & Psychic Centers
This empowering & eye opening mp3 bundle contains home instruction, exercises, energetic processes, meditations, & healing activations to turn on & trust your intuition again in this lifetime. You’ll receive deep clearings to release past life or present life judgments, trauma, fear, & self-doubt that you’ve been exposed to so you can manifest your highest visions, dreams, & hearts desires as an infinite being & divine creator of your own reality. The Mp3s are fun to listen to but also will shift you into a higher dimensional state of being so you can access creative solutions, healing information, & infinite intelligence from the universal consciousness.
You’ll receive guidance on how to enhance your Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairgustance, & Clairalience to receive downloads, messages, & clear communication from your higher soul self, spirit guides, guardian angels, & archangelic legions of light as well as your loving ancestors & loved ones who have transitioned beyond the veil.
Activate, Align, & Awaken Your 13 Chakra System

The Chakra system is an ancient Sanskrit term meaning ‘wheel’ or ‘circle’  & each energy center carries frequencies of power, love, compassion, and self expression. If any of these centers become closed, blocked or under/over active, we experience imbalance in our bodies, thoughts, feelings, and actions in the world. When this occurs, it can become challenging to manifest anything we desire or feel safe & supported.

These 13 class recordings contain specific exercises, processes, and tools to help you in balancing, activating, & awakening your chakras so you can experience radiant health in mind, body, and spirit. These healing accelerated light healing techniques are easy, empowering and can be done in the privacy of your own home. They are super charged & power packed to raise your vibration & restore your energy flows so you can feel safe, supported, whole, & complete.

The 13 Chakras include:

  1. Earth Gateway Chakra
  2. Earth Star Chakra
  3. Root/Base Chakra
  4. Sacral Chakra
  5. Solar/Navel Plexus Chakra
  6. Heart Chakra
  7. High Heart Chakra (Thymus)
  8. Throat Chakra
  9. Zeal Point Chakra (Bliss/Ascension/Mouth Of God)
  10. Third Eye Chakra (Pineal Gland)
  11. Crown Chakra
  12. Soul Star Chakra
  13. Universal Gateway (God Head)

You will also receive the following bonus activations:

A Galactic Chakra Alignment Activation MP3 Meditation Recording With Sound Healing Frequencies and Light Language & Channeled Messages From Mirabel Sensei ( The Compassionate Guardian Of Acclerated Light Healing – Many compare her loving frequencies to Goddess Quan Yin Or The Ascended Master  Lady Nada)
The Cost Is $127   (The Value Is $971.32)
PACKAGE B  includes:
24 MP3s (Package A Bundle) plus an individual 30-Minute Soul Guidance Session with Vandana By Phone Or Skype. This Includes A Recording Of The Call.
The Cost Is $197 (The Value is $1,050.00)