Shawn Mahshie – Radical Relationship Relief

5 part audio self-shift series

Radical Relationship Relief

Product Description

Let your painful reactions teach you a happy new way to see life!

  1. Major Shifts in Your Relationship to Relationships and to LIFE itself:
    • Stop Waiting for your situation to change
    • Put Happiness back in your Court
    • Notice a refreshing compassion for yourself and others
    • Act in loving new ways to old familiar triggers
    • Move from Reliable Anger, Anxiety, Heaviness to Reliable Clarity, Joy, Lightness (and FUN)!
    • BE the Relationship of Your Dreams
  1.  Your own discovery (don’t just believe me!) that:
    • Painful issues are happening FOR you, not just TO you,
    • You don’t need the “terrible awful THEM” to change for you to be happy,
    • You no longer feel clueless about how to handle situations you used to dread.
    • Your shift from upset into peace, curiosity, fearlessness can be instantaneous.
  1. A Dependable Peace and Delicious Connection via The 6 Keys:
    • Harvest Hidden Riches from Your Judgments, Annoyances, & Fear
    • Efficiently Shift Regret, Indecision, Needs, & Shoulds to their Happy Flip Side
    • Use Defensiveness, Offensiveness, and Vulnerability as Personalized Teachers of Inner Peace
    • Eradicate fear of intimidation, retaliation,’ seeing the other (and Yourself) clearly
    • Redefine Forgiveness and Amends for True Freedom
    • A WHOLE NEW WORLD: Find that a NO is Equal to (or better than) a YES

If you are just SO ready for some RADICAL RELATIONSHIP RELIEF … Then I have really HAPPY NEWS: Whatever or Whoever Upsets, Scares, or Saddens You Absolutely holds the Key to Greater Peace, Freedom, and Happiness–and a Warm Dependable Connection to Yourself and the very Person or Situation that Triggered You (once you know how it works)

With this MAJOR SHIFT in Paradigm, ‘Problems’ Look and Feel Radically Different

  • Hopeful
  • Solvable
  • Friendlier
  • and MUCH More Fun

Radically Shift Your Relationships…FOR THE BETTER!

Price $97


“Understanding what I call “The Reliable Symmetry of Happiness” was–for me–the beginning of the end of fear, anger, sadness, and the hell of regret. The reason I call this a Paradigm Shift is because this ‘happy symmetry’ changed my entire relationship to life–in a very short time–and does the same for those in my Groups and Individual work.”  Shawn

If you already KNOW YOU WANT MORE…Shawn is offering an upcoming 8-week Bootcamp, as well. You can learn more at this link: