About Rebecca A. Messenger

As a preacher’s kid, Rebecca was steeped in traditional religion and taught that is was “sinful” to question any of the church teachings. When Divine Mother began to call her, it scared the daylights out of her. It wasn’t until the age of 40 that Rebecca began to answer the call and fully listen by learning to trust Divine Guidance. A powerful visit from the Archangel Gabriel “sealed the deal” and Rebecca underwent a radical shift in consciousness.

Because the Prime message from Gabriel was for Rebecca to teach, “You can do it too”, she has become a worldwide spiritual teacher. Having no psychic skills, Rebecca set out to learn how to develop them so that she could tune in to guidance more easily. Wow! Due to her own quest, Rebecca discovered methods that can help even the most left-brained person start to receive Divine Guidance as easy as rolling off a off a log!




Your guide has a purpose and part of that purpose is to help you grow wealth in every area of your life.

Your guide cannot simply grow unless you do.
(imagine how embarrassed your guide will be if they never get thru to you)

Here is what Sol explained to me…
When your guides look at you, they don’t see a lack of money, love, or emotional joy.

They see a bunch of vibrations and some of them are waaaay out of whack.

It is your guide’s job to help you bring about a balance and have ALL THESE VIBRATIONS grow and prosper. Your guide does not see “lack of money” as that…but rather an imbalance in your energy field.

Some think Guides don’t care about monetary issues…they do however care about vibrations and see your lack of funds as a “Vibratory Black Hole”

With Sol’s help, Rebecca has put together an audio program that will teach you to:

tick_markDiscover your Chief Guide’s name (and what a Chief Guide is) so that you can call them by name and get closer to them…plus get them to do stuff for you.

tick_markHear what your guide is here to teach you, so that you can understand the easiest way to get things done.

tick_markSee what they look like, hair, gender, height, etc.( this part is fun and folks are always amazed how easily this comes)

tick_markKnow when to call in a more advanced guide and why you need too

tick_markLearn how to adjust your vibrations to your guides for ease of communication

(Sanat Kumara, great ascended master, has given me a no-fail technique to open up the exact area that is designated for communication with your guide)

Want more?

tick_markDiscover if your guide has had an earthly lifetime with you (so that you can understand why you feel so connected to certain things)

tick_markLearn why your guide asked to be assigned to you (your name was NOT drawn out of a hat)

tick_markSee your vibrations “thru the eyes of your guide” and see where you are out of balance (so that you can get guidance on correcting them easily)

tick_markCaution: Learn the one thing that guides DON’T LIKE you to use them for. (so you will never make this mistake with your guide)

tick_markUnderstand how you can attract ONLY guides of 100% pure Light (well duh, who wants an evil guide? No one does!)

Q and A- (see below)

Q. What is the difference between guides and angels?
A. Angels have always been angels; guides were human at least once and now serve humanity from the spirit world.

(sometimes your guides have shared one or more lifetimes with you- find out in this audio class)

Q. Ok, Rebecca, sounds awesome but I have no psychic skills and am afraid I cannot get in touch with my guide.

How are you going to teach me this?

A. I only know how to do simple, easy stuff myself. I have a complete set of easy/squeezy psychic/opening techniques that will work for everyone.

(Did you know I taught my own self how to become highly psychic? Until I was 40 years old, I didn’t have a psychic bone in my body. If I can do it- you can surely do it)

Q. What if my resistance is worse than anyone else’s?
For sure, we must clear all the resistance you may about getting in real, intimate connection with your guide.

tick_markUsing Heart Point Technique ,(the healing modality straight from Mother God) this will be a breeze!

tick_markThen we have to activate your psychic reception areas.(This works whether you believe it will or not)

tick_markNext, we have to give your guide permission to get thru to you.(yep, they never just barge in on you)

More questions…

Q. Why is it important to establish a real, solid connection with my guide?
A. For one thing, your guide cannot grow if you ignore their subtle advice all the time…for another, your life will take on an ease and grace once you start letting your guide use their talents for you.

(And don’t forget…it’s just plain fun and comforting to know and accept help from your guide)

Your guide’s goal is to help you accomplish your soul purpose. IE_ Part of MY soul purpose is to help other healers realize their monetary value and grow bolder in asking for what they are worth. My chief guide Sol is always busy bringing me fresh ideas and other high beings of light to help out. In short, if your money, relationship or career vibration is out of whack, you need some help from your guide. Learning to tune in and let your guides do their job is the easiest way for Both of you to grow.

Q. What is the most important thing I can get from this class?
A. The realization that you have a bonafied PARTNERSHIP with your guides and angels. Your guides Asked to be assigned to you for a specific purpose. They have awesome and mighty powers to put to use for you which are PERSONALLY tailored to help you grow. Plus…won’t it be fun to find out your guides gender,height, hair color etc? Won’t it be fun to talk about your guide intimately next time you are in a crowd of spiritual folks? Won’t it be fun to know for sure what you have always just wondered about?

Stop being helpless in any area of your life and let your guides help you already!
Because of the shifting of energies on the planet there are many new guides coming in to help.You may have not been ready to see your guide or accept their help until now.

Are you ready now?

img1AS with all of the classes I teach- I ask you to go to your heart and see if this is for you.
(Your guide may be whacking the daylights out of your shoulder trying to get you to register)





Beautifully illustrated 49-Page Foundational Manual for Healing the Hidden Failure Factor with HPT, the spiritual/energetic healing modality from Divine Mother, presented by Rebecca A Messenger. HPT taps into the deepest WISDOM OF THE HEART and teaches soul mastery. HPT flows LIGHT ENERGY through various acupressure meridians, organs and glands. This process can enhance your intuition and strengthen your entire being.



Enjoy these easy tips to energetically cleanse your home, office and even yourself!


item-img-bonus2MP3 AUDIO

tick_markEver wonder what it is really like on the Other Side?

tick_markWhat one question would you like to have answered about the other side?

tick_markWould you like to visit with those who have crossed over?

tick_markWould you like to visit your “house” on the other side?

tick_markWhat about the “Hall of Akashic records?” Ready to take a Peek?

tick_markYou will be amazed at how easy it is to get all your questions answered.