Misa Hopkins – Sound Healing for Wellness

The method of instruction Misa uses is one of the oldest, best proven adult-learning methods—helping you get results immediately.

  • Session 1: You’ll experience your fundamental or signature sounds for healing and well-being. This is what you just did with me in our exercise today. In addition, you’ll discover how you can change your own cellular structure using sound.
  • Session 2: You will discover how listening improves your ability to heal. We’ll explore breathing for expanding and deepening the penetration of the healing sounds. We’ll learn about the power of the pure vowel.
  • Session 3: We will explore deep listening, where you discover how you hear the world inside and outside of you; and then we’ll explore the power of consonants in healing.
  • Session 4: You’ll experience conscious breathing – opening the resonating chamber of your body; taking your breathing into the cellular-level. You will also use toning for healing and introduce compassion into your sounds.
  • Session 5: This is where we dive into sounding. You’ll be introduced to Misa’s trademark Sound Wavesounding the cycles of emotions within the body; releasing trapped energy and charging the body with healing, comforting sounds.
  • Session 6: We engage the sound the water of the body(remember you are 70% water) and we’ll tap into the frequencies of nature for healing (crystals, herbs, etc.) We will also discuss some special considerations if you are highly empathic.
  • Session 7: We explore the emotional roots behind illnesses and discover how to address them. We will also create a special spiritual opening through sound that Misa learned from her first sound teacher.
  • Session 8: You will discover how to do a body attunement by sounding the chakras; charging and discharging as you attune the physical/emotional body.
  • Session 9: We go deeply into the power of silence and The Holding, in compliment and necessary balance to healing sounds. Then we will discuss conditions that require silence rather than sound, so that you know when not to use sound. It is just as important to know when not to us sound as when to use it.
  • Session 10: You experience the power of both dissonance and harmony in healing— breaking up stuck energy patterns in the body. We’ll consider the role of chaos theory and entrainment in healing; and we will introduce ourselves to the power of non-human sounds and more nature sounds. We’ll finish by learning how to overtone chant and we’ll discuss its benefits in healing.
  • Session 11: We discuss the ethical responsibilities of healing others with sound, which is vital if you intend to use healing sounds with others, either for your loved ones or for your clients.
  • Session 12: To finish, we will discuss what you need to know about healing chronic conditions.

Sessions are delivered to you in your e-mail weekly. You’ll experience…

  • Powerful exercises you can do at home. You will be able to use these exercises for healing for the rest of you life. (Since the lessons build on each other, we space the delivery of your sessions to make sure you have time to fully experience the exercises in each lesson before continuing.)
  • Misa recommends reading and research topics so that you understand some of the current science behind sound healing and energy medicine.
  • And she shares inspirational stories so that you can consider what is truly possible for you and your clients.
  • Because this was originally taught as a live tele-course, you’ll hear actual case studies as Misa addresses participant’s specific conditions and concerns.

Plus you’ll receive these great gift bonuses:

  • Recording of a bonus follow-up Q&A tele-session Misa did a month after the original tele-course had ended. This became an opportunity for any final questions that might have come up as everyone used the sounds, and to report their successes. This actually became a content-rich class in it’s own right, so Misa is including this gift recording as a special resource for you.
  • Breathing Your Way to Physical Freedom Audio MP3, which is especially good for preparing yourself to do Sound Medicine or for healing chronic pain.
  • The first step of the Creation Meditation—The Holding—an audio MP3 for dissolving intense emotions, stress and anxiety that are at the root of most physical pain.
  • Your complimentary subscription to Misa’s periodic Inspired Healing Messages with articles, stories, interview and services to support you in your journey of healing and awakening.
  • Your complimentary subscription to Prescriptions from Heaven, brief Divine inspirations kicking each weekday morning off right.


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Here’s what people are saying…

Misa is a master alchemist—guiding gently and powerfully while she assists and holds people greatly so that they may turn their base metals and darkness into light and gold…

D. Davis, Sound Healer, OR



Misa’s Money-Back Guarantee

I guarantee everything that I do. If you are unhappy with what’s been given to you, cancel within 30 days, and I will refund you in full. You can even keep the bonuses as a way of saying “thank you” for letting me participate in your journey.


Start Your Sound Healing Course At Home Today – YOUR COST IS ONLY $127 

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Here’s what you receive to develop your sound healing abilities with Misa:

Comparable live courses sell for thousands of dollars… and Misa’s original live telecourse sold to overflow capacity. This recorded audio course based on the live telecourse is valued at $515, however…

Misa wants to help as many people as possible grow their sound healing skills, so she’s made it available at a fraction of that price for a limited time! 


Warning: Do not listen to Sound Medicine while driving. Also, as with any healing process, the body may go into a detox mode while experiencing Sound Medicine. This is part of the body’s natural