Metamorphosis: Six-Week Intensive



Metamorphosis is defined as:

  •          a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.


This program is ALL ABOUT POWER. It is not for pansies…It is for you! It’s time for YOU to show up fully and freely as YOU…radiantly, powerfully, fully as YOU!
  • We’ll talk power vs force;
  • We’ll talk about politics and why spirituality and politics must converge;
  • And yes… we’ll talk about PHYSICALITY….body, sexuality and intimacy.
  • We’ll work with the EMOTIONALITY aspects, which are powerful and deep trigger places for change, for transformation.
  • We’ll focus on the MENTALITY…the deep grooves of unhelpful thinking, the looping patterns in our thoughts, and we’ll learn to RETRAIN OUR BRAIN for stronger, more genuinely creative and transformative thinking.
  • We’ll talk about power imbalance in personal relationships and in the wider world. We’ll open up Pandora’s box. Some of what we will cover is controversial…and is REALLY IMPORTANT for your own life, for your children, and for your children’s children.
  • We will work with the PHYSICAL and the NON-PHYSICAL aspects of your energy. You’ll receive insights, inspiration, activations and powerful transmissions to support and strengthen you stepping into your own brightest light, your own place, your own voice, your own highest service, your own greatest happiness…

This  Six-Week Master Class supports YOU to Embrace your own personal Metamorphosis…It resides within the infinite stream of Yin/Yang – Feminine/Masculine energy within, through & all around you…as you step into this NEW CREATIVE LEARNING PROGRAM FOR HUMANITY…

Ask, Allow, Embrace and then Employ the dynamic and beautiful energy the Universe has been trying to bless you with in all ways. Clear away the clouds of confusion…

This course will support you in creating a paradigm shift with the way YOU experience life energy, NOW and forevermore…as it is expressed in the feminine/masculine energy within your being.  It will also change the way you recognize and work with the energy inside and outside of yourself. This has to do with the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.

This powerful and far-reaching work has a PLANETARY IMPLICATION...

Masculine/Feminine Energy Power Balance = Inquiry, Initiation, Inspiration, Activation, Collaboration, Metamorphosis


Struggling? Are you confused? Feeling frustrated? Feeling disconnected? Overwhelmed? I so get it! Are you angry? Me, too! That’s a good thing…anger is like rocket fuel when it is used appropriately.  We are seeing the way it has fueled massive action in the MeToo# Movement, the women stepping into politics, the refusal to keep secrets any longer.

Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore…

Some of what we will UNPACK and bring into the light will surprise, stun and jolt you…AND ALL OF IT WILL EMPOWER YOU… IT WILL TRANSFORM YOU!

Are you ready to…

  • Open yourself up to EXPANSION in every aspect of your life?
  • Love and fully APPRECIATE your body?
  • Experience more MUTUAL RESPECT in all your relationships?
  • Clear blocks that prevent you from experiencing CREATIVITY and collaboration in all areas of your life?
  • Receive ongoing HEART-MIND CONNECTION processes to create genuinely loving relationships with others?
  • Experience communication, EXPRESSION and sexuality as the sacred gifts they truly are?
  • Step into & maintain a new paradigm of love, support, STRENGTH and PURPOSE, once & for all?
  • Feel deep peace inside yourself and see HARMONY show up in your outer world?
  • Make decisions from a place of CLARITY and POWER in ALL your relationships…work, family, and the wider world?
  • Learn a powerful CONSCIOUSNESS ALIGNMENT process that you can employ for the rest of your life here on PLANET EARTH?

The days of living in fear, frustration, limitation, and lack are fading away! The time, YOUR TIME is right…NOW!

Rumi, the Persian poet, over seven hundred years ago said, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

There is indeed a field of energy … a field of power that we all have available to us…all the time. Let’s meet each other there…

Experiencing METAMORPHOSIS through the power of love in our lives and embracing OUR OWN masculine-feminine energy is part of our birthright, and the time is perfect for us to ACKNOWLEDGE, ALLOW AND ACCESS it is NOW.

If you’re feeling an inner “YES!” resounding from your heart, this life-changing series is here to support you NOW! For the first time ever, you have access to Metamorphosis as a powerful, personal roadmap for transforming your entire experience with life…AND with your own powerful masculine/feminine energy.

It IS time to break through the barriers in your life…

It IS time to let go of past beliefs,  limitations, outdated and faulty programs…

And, it IS time for true healing and powerful up-leveling on a deep, tangible level, NOW… and for each and every day for the rest of your life!

Take advantage of this opportunity to welcome-in the deep-seated changes you have been seeking….on the inner and the outer level!

Get ready for the transformation of your LIFETIME!

You’ll gain Understanding, Clarity, Power, Peace, Self-Love, Strength, Harmony, Connection, Creativity, Integrity and Much More…

  • This program is a six-week intensive that will literally blow the roof off of your limitations and bring you into a new state of balance.
  • You will gain insights, energetic alignments and tools that support you in embracing Metamorphosis as balanced masculine/feminine power, energy and happiness in your life!
  • These sessions seamlessly transition from one to the next to ensure that you’re able to grow as quickly as you want. AND, you can do so on your own terms, as often as you like! All sessions will be recorded, so you can listen again.
  • Metamorphosis is designed to free up the most common energetic constructs, limitation programs and mental blocks that prevent you from fully living the life you truly deserve.
  • Embrace your powerful and purposeful METAMORPHIC life!



Session One dives into understanding what Metamorphosis power really is  &  how to begin your journey into embracing more of it in your life. You will also understand the connection between genuine masculine and feminine power, and how you can begin experiencing more of both in your life. It starts with YOUR HEART…

During the session, you will receive a Consciousness Alignment to clear the blocks preventing you from remembering WHO YOU ARE.  The truth is that you are here to experience a joyous and balanced life…and a big part of this remembrance comes from making peace with your mind and ego, to then begin creating a new, healthy relationship with these key parts of your Self, allowing your heart to take the lead. You are here to shine.

This will open you to more harmony in your life. You will have amazing strength, yet at the same time…You will become more “LIGHT-HEARTED.”


Session Two is a primer in how we got where we are…historically, culturally, economically, and personally. We have to know where we’ve been so we can “CLEAR THE CLOUDS” of confusion and frustration, in order see clearly where we are heading and set the course for where we wish to go. No more BLINDNESS…it’s time to open, time to see, time to truly be YOU. The second key is to strengthen your NERVOUS SYSTEM so that you are able to handle what is happening within you and all around you with GRACE and GROUNDEDNESS.

This session will include a powerful Consciousness Alignment designed to move you forward into a different experience of your power. Hold on to your hats!


Why this topic? It’s critical! This session is the GAME CHANGER!! During this session, you will see ways to break free from the limitations you’ve experienced that may have kept you from accessing the infinite energy blessing that has always been waiting for you.

Those who fully give themselves permission to listen & experience this session WILL NEVER be the same afterward. This is the session for opening to a healthier relationship with your own creative power represented by the sacred feminine “being” energy and divine masculine “doing” energy within you…This will support you to get you into your BODY, your own PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL and MENTAL BODY…. The resulting outcome is that sacred action and business breakthroughs happen. This will “WOW” you!

Again, you will also receive another powerful consciousness alignment to greatly support the work we do in this session. This will result in you creating more HIGH-VIBE GOODNESS in your life.


Session Three is all about wrong messages, unhealthy patterns and faulty programs…and how we can begin to re-write the scripts, set new patterns and programs of thought and experience new ways of being…..with ourselves and with others.  Again, you will receive a powerful consciousness alignment for catalytic change, for re-imprinting neural pathways and re-writing thought programs. Yes, you can CHANGE YOUR BRAIN

There is a real opening right now for a monumental change…and, YES! We’ve all heard it… BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD…and show up as your strongest, best self.


This session is all about healing the blocks in your circulation of giving & receiving. Most of us tend to be better givers than receivers, so this session brings a well-deserved balance back into your life so that you can feel just as comfortable receiving as you are giving. We will focus on your BREATH…That’s where it all starts and once you are comfortable with your own BREATH, you then STEP INTO SOVEREIGNTY...This is the only way to genuine and authentic collaboration.

You will also receive a powerful consciousness alignment specifically designed to enhance the work we do in this session. This will result in you creating more CLARITY, CREATIVITY, and PEACE in your life.


Session six is the final piece to your life energy puzzle. This session involves releasing the remaining blocks to wholeness, harmony, and balance that may still prevent you from experiencing a bigger, brighter life experience. In this last session, you are inspired to MARRY YOURSELF….to marry your own GOD SELF! Life is here for us, and it wants us to thrive & love, to grow and expand. The mind-heart consciousness alignment you receive in this session is the exclamation point to this six-part Masterclass. The insights, healing & tools in this session will instantly align you with a brand new Masculine/Feminine – Yin/Yang paradigm that may,  quite frankly,  have you on Cloud Nine afterward. Your personal alignment can make a huge contribution to the planetary alignment that is happening. Do not doubt your impact…!

This is one of the most unique and thorough programs you will find to clear the confusion and heal the pain of the masculine/feminine energy split, so that WHOLENESS can be yours.

The answer is LOVE…your key to creating a more joyous and fulfilling life.

You can stop “looking for love in all the wrong places”…Find it within you and all around you, NOW!

This series is not just a one-time listen. 

Each time you listen, you will receive even deeper clarity & transformation.

This SIX-WEEK MASTER CLASS is going to BLOW AWAY your inner resistance! 

Included is:

  1. Master Class Workbook
  2. Six Weekly 90-Minute  Live Group Calls (recorded and downloadable for replay)
  3. Six Consciousness Alignments (recorded separately and downloadable for replay)
  4. Articles, Videos, Book Links as additional support materials
  5. Additional expert interviews to further understanding of Feminine/Masculine Power Balance
  6. Private Facebook Group (optional) 

My passion and mission is Heart-Based Living and Personal Transformation…and I want this to be one of the most high-value courses ever!

These life-changing insights, teachings + alignments are being offered for Your Highest and Best Good and for the Highest and Best Good of ALL.


Enrollment Options:

*Early Enrollment with Full Payment  $777

(Discount and Bonus have been extended until May 31st!!! Register and pay in full and you save $220, plus you get a private 75-minute Life Alchemy session with Malinda designed to set you on course for the maximum benefits of this course – valued at $250)


*Full Payment  $997       

 (Bonus! You get a private 75-minute Life Alchemy Session with Malinda to help you maximize the benefits of this course – valued at $250)


*Two Payments of $550 

 (first payment at time of enrollment and the second payment in 3 weeks)