Lev Natan’s Special Offer

 Your Most Important Work… Vision Creation Program: 


This Program is for you, if you are an entrepreneur, business-builder or creative professional looking to increase your income through meaningful work; enhance your energy and vitality, strengthen your relationships with the people you care about most, and deepen your spiritual path & life purpose.


You will become crystal clear about what matters most, and learn to let go of what no longer serves you.  You will learn to focus your time, energy, and money on intelligent and practical action that will transform your life and connect you more deeply to your meaningful work.  You will develop the power to adapt and change in the face of challenges and stress, as opposed to falling victim to limiting beliefs, anxiety, overwhelm, and feeling that you have to play small in your work and life.

If you are struggling with the challenge of integrating the deeper meaning of your life into your work, this program may be the right next step.

In these five weeks will be invited to

  • dream boldly and courageously
  • speak your most inspiring vision for your life and meaningful work
  • go on a journey of personal growth and professional development practice embodying the qualities of strength, faith, trust, confidence, focus, sincerity, curiosity, and a beginner’s mind – not just talk about them.
  • and find new possibilities and pathways to organize your work so that you are more clear-minded, focused, engaged, and you get the results you want and need

Your Most Important Work – Vision Creation Program is the first five weeks of a 6-month program called The Sacred Business Program.  When you complete the first five weeks, you have the opportunity to continue on and engage the rest of the program.


Serving you is my meaningful work.

This is not a cooker-cutter program that you have to fit into – it is a journey that we will travel together. This program is the integration of my life’s work.  I have traveled all over the world, living and learning with native peoples, farmers, political and community leaders, entrepreneurs and visionary business leaders, and healers of all types.

I have taken risks, I have been scared, lonely, and felt that I would never be able to make it.  And, I have had the experience, many times, of finding that place in my heart where I know that I am here for a reason, and found a way to persevere.  As I said,  I am on this spiritual path of meaningful work, and my greatest purpose and passion is to support other seekers on the spiritual path, who are passionate about weaving their spirituality into their meaningful work.



In my forthcoming book, Return of the Medicine Trees: A Vision of Sound Leadership for Global Healing I describe a vision that old growth trees suddenly began to sprout up all over the planet.  This has become my guiding vision – to cultivate “old growth” capacities like stability, health, and resiliency, and to support entrepreneurs and creative professionals to activate the evolutionary leadership qualities that are so essential in our time, as our economy and culture changes so rapidly.


We start face-to-face with life purpose why am I here on this planet at this time?  What am I here to do?  Who am I, underneath my social conditioning in a culture that has a habit of only looking at the surface of things.  Who am I in an era that is coming to an end, and in a new era that is just emerging?  What is my role?  What is my responsibility?  How can I  imagine a vision for myself that feels free and joyful when there is so much suffering going on around me?  In this first step, we will work with the empowering core belief that “I am here for a reason.” 

The Visioning Process starts from the end – your Legacy.  What will you leave behind after your life is over?  Then, we move closer to the present, with your twenty-year vision.  From here, you will have an opportunity to actually meet your Future Self.  Then, we move to the Practical Vision for 3 to 5 years.  And finally, we go to work on your Twelve-Month Vision, where you will be next year.


This powerful visioning process create a fertile context for you to feel an embodied connection to Your Most Important Work.  It gives you the time and creativity to plant yourself strong in your vision, so you know in your heart it  is real, tangible, and practical.

Week 1: Face to Face with Your Life Purpose  – Why am I Here?

Week 2: What will you leave behind? – A Conscious Look at Your Legacy

Week 3: Meet Your Future Self & Create Your 20-Year Vision

Week 4: The Practical Vision: 3-5 Years

Week 5: Your 12-Month Vision – Where will you be next year?


How the Program Works:


1. Weekly 90-Minute Recorded Seminars: Each call begins by sharing celebrations and gratitude about events or experiences over the course of the past week.  Then, we enter into a group centering practice to bring the Circle into resonance and connection.  Lev teaches about the topic for that particular week, then the Circle opens up for participants to receive coaching, healing, and support on key challenges or questions that they are experiencing.  We finish the call with participants sharing their “take homes” – what you learned and what you will practically integrate into your life and work, in the coming week.  Lastly, we will end with a short centering practice to bring closure to our work together.


2. The Weekly Guidebook

In addition to receiving the teachings, coaching, guidance, and support from the weekly Medicine Circle calls, you will have one, simple, straightforward exercise to engage in during that particular week.  Instructions and guidance for the topic of each week is shared through The Weekly Guidebook, which will include inspirational and educational writings, instructions for the exercises, and audio mp3s to download for guided visualizations and sound healing recordings.


Part Three: Online Facebook Community

Once you register, you have access to the Private Facebook Group for This Program.  This is an opportunity for participants in the program to give and receive Peer Support, Accountability, and to Build Empowering and Intentional Relationships.


Time investment?

As a home-study course, you get to work at your own pace.  Each of the five seminars is about 90-minutes and includes a thirty minutes of writing exercises in the Guidebook.






This program is designed for you to take simple, but powerful steps, that will support you to shift your perspective about your life, work, and relationships.  Then, small, natural changes in your life will emerge, and you will see the landscape of your life gradually look different.  Each step creates a little more space inside, and that feels liberating.  You will begin to feel safe to take action that you felt scared to take just a few weeks or months ago.  Why?  Because your perception of the landscape of your life and work changes as you grow, and it helps a lot to have a supportive community traveling with you.  Taking small steps will create significant changes in your life and work that will empower you to continue on a trajectory toward your vision.  The point is not “how far you get,” because the path is infinite, it is never-ending.  The point is that working with your vision in an intentionally supportive community of peers with a skilled facilitator, you will have developed a solid root in the qualities of being and the necessary practices that are essential to grow your meaningful work.


PRICE IS $111.00


BONUS: The first 10 people to purchase the program, will receive a free 30-MINUTE “CLARIFY YOUR VISION” SESSION WITH Lev, to get crystal clear about your Most Important Work

After your session, you will have:

  • a clear vision for your meaningful work
  • a plan to take practical action, so you see real results right away
  • identify your core pain, so you know what’s getting in the way of you growing your vision into reality
  • experience what it feels like to overcome your challenges, and develop the essential confidence to grow your vision.


OUR MISSION @ The Medicine Tree

In a world that is struggling to claim a life-affirming future, The Medicine Tree Center calls forth people with a vision of stewardship to take action and achieve the necessary leaderships skills to leave an intentional legacy. The Medicine Tree aims to be the catalyst that breaks you out of personal plateaus and opens up the way for you to achieve greater meaning and effectiveness in your world. The Medicine Tree’s founder, Lev Natan, brings years of training to deliver a unique platform from which you will define your mission and vision, and elevate the vital relationships in your network.  Whether your aspirations lie in developing high-quality products and services, marketing your brand in a way that feels natural and authentic, or bringing to light the legacy of your life’s endeavors, our greatest aim is to see you reach that mountaintop.




Lev Natan, founder of The Medicine Tree, utilizes sound healing to create a fertile environment for his clients to access their deeper intelligence and creative imagination to effectively navigate life, relationships, career, and health in this time of accelerated complexity.  He works with social impact entrepreneurs, healing practitioners, and organizational leaders who are looking to create more effective, meaningful and lucrative ways of bringing their mission to life. He is committed to guiding our world towards a future that is wise, courageous, and aligned with principles and values that are humane, has integrity, and holds life and nature as sacred.  Lev is the author of the forthcoming book Return of the Medicine Trees: A Vision of Sound Leadership for Global Healing, and he is certified as an Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner through The New York Open Center’s Sound & Music Institute and an Empowerment Life Coach through the Empowerment Institute.