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KenjiAbout Kenji Kumara (L.O.V.E.)

Through experience and a life long journey (of 40 years) in search of spiritual wisdom, Kenji Kumara, has a true gift in bringing forth ancient wisdom and life lessons with simplicity, ease, humor and lightness of Being. His dedication to assisting others to enter the temple of their heart, connect with their true essence and shed that which no longer serves them brought him to develop his own modality, Quantum Lightweaving in 2007.

“Quantum Lightweaving” is a unique approach to finding your soul purpose, and deepening your psychological and spiritual awareness with ease and grace. The result is a comprehensive assimilation and application of ancient wisdom and joyful living.

Kenji’s natural talent is to reach our I AM center, the official operating system of self, through facilitating initiations, activations and attunements, born-again empowerments, soul emergence and spiritual awakening. He acts as a quantum bridger, visionary, messenger and a healing channel for ascended energies. His message is for everyone on all levels, for those just beginning their search for spiritual wisdom and enlightenment, as well as those well along their journey. His style is well suited for the new millenium generation, parents of crystal kids, the would be healers/teachers/artists, leading edge thinkers and visionaries of our times. As this new earth develops, we no longer have to go through all the old layers of release. We simply breath through and enter into our sacred celestial heart center. Renewal takes place in an instant, truly it is just a matter of following the energy and receiving; it’s that simple. It is the bridging of heaven and earth as One.


Retail $700

Special Event $97.00

Package of Journey Into Joy And Special Sedona 11:11 Activation

You get both Packages:

Journey to Joy with Kenji Kumara as he reveals an all new Activation Series that helps you discover your magnificence and unique expression of your divine self. Discover glorious breakthroughs and step into a higher awareness, a calm state of being and expansion, and express this through your leadership and business capabilities. With both ease and grace, Kenji assists you to step into a higher state of consciousness and bliss and leads you to bask in the sunshine of the highest beings, divine realms and helpful masters.

Become infused with more tranquility, peace, clarity and life-force energy. Expect an easy transformational shift and experience success in business, leadership and all areas of your life that you may desire to experience joyful success and feel more victorious than ever before.


Sedona 11:11

A 3-session special group activation on 11-11 enabling you to journey to other realms, helping you to enhance your awareness and self-healing.  These activations are evergreen and everlasting so they can be listened to at any moment in time.  11:11 activations can help you release baggage and issues while clearing out old belief systems.  Each time you listen, it will build upon the last time and continue to build while helping you grow.

Files included in Dropbox.

You get both for ONLY $97.00

Plus as added bonus  you will receive the New Moon Activation- Planetary Prayer Work for Freedom FREE – a $29.00 Value AND if you always wanted a session with Kenji, NOW is the time!

As a special offer for this show you will receive a coupon of $100 off any session with Kenji, Live session, Group Session or On-line Session!

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Bonus 1: $29.00 Value

New Moon Activation- Planetary Prayer work for Freedom

Bonus 2: $100 Off Personal Session with Kenji
Choose from Live in Person, Phone with or without Coaching


Kenji Kumara is a visionary and messenger for ascended energies. Dedicating his life to spiritual evolution, he has brought ancient teachings forward in a way of simplicity and ease. As a Quantum Lightweaver, Kenji Can help hold the space for your inner journey to oneness and divine awakening through the law of one and grace.

*People that purchase will advise they purchased show package when they set up their appointment and $100 will be deducted.

Offer Valid for 30 days from date of purchase.