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Quantum Confidence

 Lacking confidence can wreak all kinds of havoc in your space:

  • Being passed over for a job
  • Missing out on a well deserved promotion
  • Losing out on a love relationship
  • Having loads of incompletions
  • Never stepping into your own personal mastery

 I have some wonderful followers who struggle with confidence and the ability to put themselves out in front without dreaded anxiety and panic surfacing. To struggle with insecurity and fear of not being enough, lacking the confidence to shine, means you always live a half life. You never get to do what you came here to do and you always stay in the shadow of others.

What does it cost you to second guess yourself and always let your inner critic and frightened little girl or boy take the lead in your grown up life? What have you missed out on and what will you miss out on in the immediate future if you don’t clear up this issue?

Confidence may be the first of many steps to gaining the respect and honor you desire in the world, but without it you can be sure you will not be able to take the steps to leadership, love and wealth acceleration.

I see the steps to full expression like this:

  1. Step One ~ Self Love
  2. Step Two ~ Self Confidence
  3. Step Three ~ Self Actualization leading to motivation and conscious action
  4. Step Four ~ Illumination ~ Leadership ~ Peace

In our Quantum Confidence training we’ll put an end to confusion, self-sabotage and the shrinking flower syndrome and help you clear away the self-defeating programs that hold you back. And as we deeply clear obstacles to confidence you’ll be empowered to step up into your best expression of yourself and your life.

You Will Learn…


Training Hour One – We’ll focus on clearings: Bloodline, DNA, Group mind, female survival brain, trauma and evil spirit curses are at the heart of the matter, with the self love and self confidence tune up. Spiritual interferences and anchors can also create the ‘monkey mind or mean girl’ thoughts that fill you with fear and self loathing. We’re clearing that!


Training Hour Two – We’ll focus on refreshing your permission, abilities and rights for full self actualization, motivation and preparation for conscious action. It is equally important to refresh the ability to take action as it is to clear! And we’ll include a peace meditation as we complete the training to replace anxiety and worry with the peace that passeth all understanding.


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Quantum Confidence - header



Balance your Life Now ebook including video and action sheets. Ignite your life with wealth, bliss, and balance with this ebook.

4 Q5 Meditations




The word “ease” triggers a sense of grace and serenity. If you are ready to shift from where you are to a calmness of mind and ease of spirit this is a perfect meditation for you today.


  • Grounding Breath
  • Releasing Stress from your Legs: Muscles and Bones
  • Feeling Safe in an Inner Shower Of Relaxation and Peace
  • A Sandy Beach Moment
  • Grace and Ease
  • Trusting of Self, Strong and Soft

Ease is the sought after state of grace trigger, when one is in the flow of life. If you have found yourself falling out of sync with ease, then this will get you back in the game once more.


End Anxiousness

Anxiety can take over your body, stirring feelings that are both disturbing and debilitating.  This guided self-loving and self-nurturing meditation supports your desire for relaxation.   Use both breath and quantum field meditation techniques to restore your system to a calm and serene state.


  • Blue ~ Green Breath 10 Count Restoring Relaxation
  • Adrenal ~ Nervous System Clearing
  • Aura Pull In and Move Out Foreign Disturbance Energies
  • Blue Corona of Aura ~ Burn Off Chaotic Energy of Others
  • Quantum Pleasure Field Directing and Informing Your Molecules

Feelings of anxiety can cripple you and affect the way you live your life.  It’s time to settle down and “let go”.  Breathe deeply and relax as you are guided back to your inner peace, lovingly and easily. You will love the rapid effectiveness of this meditation as you are quickly returned to safety in your calm and serene body.

I Trust Myself

Trusting yourself gives you the power of confidence and self-assuredness that translates in what you do as a successful mover and shaker in the world around you! So many individuals I have worked with have lacked this one important component in their persona and have subsequently lost out in relationships, jobs and money simply by not exuding an aura of trust.


  • Release of Heartaches and Blocks to Self Trust
  • Self Love ~ Trust, Subconscious & Commitment
  • Knees ~ Symbol of Honoring Your Divine Wisdom
  • Internal Clear Out and Intuitive Belly Release
  • Center of Head Clarification to Throne of Authority

If when you say ‘I trust myself’, you become uncomfortable, then this is the meditation for you. The ‘I Trust Myself’ meditation will help you align yourself with your truth in the present time. Release old hurts and disappointments from the ‘old’ you, so you can make way for a new found confidence.


Quantum Confidence

Are you charismatic and successful? When you walk into a room do you command attention? The one thing that differentiated the charismatic and successful from the day-dreaming wallflower is, confidence. When you have Quantum Confidence you can accomplish anything. Doors open for you, connections are made easily and money flows.  Meditate toward your best self with this Quantum Confidence meditation and help turn the tables so you can step into your best life ever!


  • Rejuvenate yourself through pink and gold breathwork
  • Honor the Self and let go of patterns of resistance
  • Release painful history
  • Stand in Relaxed Confidence and see yourself in a Brilliant Green Spine of
  • Emotional Strength
  • Feel the Divine Love without limits
  • Enjoy the Quantum Field Saturation of Confidence

This meditation will make things right and help you move from weakness to strength.  You will be able to step into the quantum field filled with joy and wonder because you will be connected, calm, and confident!

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Class will be held on Wednesday September 28th, 2016
9-11 AM Pacific