Malinda Zarate
Founder and Host
Malinda Zarate
May 21st - May 24th, 2012
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Malinda is so excited to have you attend this incredibly powerful event!!! Her amazing speakers will be sharing ground-breaking insights and techniques that will inspire and totally transform you. Malinda's passion is to help radically improve the lives of others, in every way possible! She envisions a world where people of all ages, in all countries can learn to use these powerful heart-based approaches to create more happiness, peace, health and abundance for themselves.
These powerfully effective, gentle and easy techniques can quickly and permanently improve your life!!!
Say YES to....
Vibrant Health
Financial Abundance
Loving Relationships
Business Success
Connection to Spirit
Just listen and learn some amazingly easy methods....
You will be astonished at the dramatic positive changes in your life!
Malinda's background includes mediation, training of top professionals in conflict resolution, public speaking and success as an international business consultant. She experienced a huge "heart break-through" herself. From an extremely difficult childhood to frightening health and financial challenges as an adult, Malinda was pushed to the breaking point several years ago. Desperately seeking answers, she immersed herself in learning about bold alternatives, and soon created a special 6-step energy healing process she calls “Emboldened Heart. This simple, yet powerful energy patterning process totally transformed her life.
Malinda's amazing results compelled her to want to share “Emboldened Heart” with others. Her inspired approach works quickly and easily to balance and increase energy in others, allowing them to feel relaxed, grounded and joyful, thus paving the way for more success and fulfillment in all areas of life. Malinda now enjoys a thriving business, wonderfully vibrant health, and a much richer life in every way. She invites you to learn and experience for yourself the dramatic improvements of the "Emboldened Heart" process.
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