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Getting Unstuck: Heal your Life

In 2007, when the economy crashed, I saw so many people convinced they had no options. They felt stuck—in jobs they disliked, in poor financial conditions, in difficult living situations, shut out of better alternatives or opportunities.

I knew it wasn’t true—I had gone from finance to music wholesale to private management consulting to teaching professional business writing at the college level, and half my students were getting jobs while still in the course, even in the slow economy. But it’s hard to help people who are already convinced the situation is hopeless. If “nothing can be done,” then they aren’t going to try to do anything. It was sad to watch.

I started paying attention, wherever I went, to anytime or situation to which someone applied the magic “I feel stuck” – inability to meditate, unfulfilling relationship patterns, thwarted life dreams, energy drains, health circumstances, addictions, difficult emotional history, trouble achieving goals, stress and overwhelm, even spiritual confusion – and I started gathering how to move past each of these challenges systematically.

How are YOU stuck?

Relationships, jobs, finances, addictions, patterns, healing, emotions, opportunities…many circumstances can make us feel as if there’s little we can do. Whether this is a strong emotional reaction or a situation where we don’t have the information we need to see a way forward, there is way. Granted, our experience may well indicate there are no alternatives, but the simple reality that others are finding their way successfully shows there are options.

There IS Hope – and a plan.

Imagine you continued with your current obstacles and challenges without overcoming them. What would your life be like in 6 months? In a year? In 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? What would be the impact on other areas of your life? What growth would this shut down?

Now what if you overcame these problems? What if they were no longer in your way? Where would you be then in 6 months, a year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years? What other things would become possible for you? What impact would that have on all others of your life? What new ways would lead to new ways leading to new ways to yet more new ways?

How can this happen?

Simple—by understanding what’s working (despite appearances sometimes), what’s not working, why not, and what works instead. Everything else is systematically going through the areas of life and making appropriate adjustments.

And that’s what this program offers – a step by step overview of attraction vs. blockages.

Who is this for?

  • People who feel they’re stuck in their current circumstances
  • People who suspect their negative circumstances will continue indefinitely
  • People who believe their particular situation can’t be helped


  • need hope and inspiration—and are ready for it
  • understand that for different things to happen, they’ll need to see things differently
  • are willing to invest 10 days in making their lives better, happier, and healthier

Ten Days Content Overview

Here’s what we’ll do in these 10 days.

Day One: Blaming the times we live in doesn’t get us unstuck. So how can we do what we love, melt away obstacles, let go of fear, and bring momentum into our lives? Opportunities are created when we combine our likes and skills to address the needs of others. To realize these changes, though, we will have to leave our comfort zone, to change, to overcome fears. Stop listening to the reasons why not, so you can move into what you really want.

Day Two: Outer circumstances mirror our thoughts, and we can read these circumstances to focus our manifestations. Dreams fail not because reality is tough, but because people give up too soon. To escape negative patterns, have a definite purpose, and tell that story instead. Gratitude and appreciation start the positive cycle. Abundance is an energy signature we can feel, a blessing energy. Manifestation takes time, purpose and dedication.

Day Three: Emotions are mirrors of what we’re thinking and attracting in each moment. We understand that physical pain is feedback, separate from identity, but we have trouble understanding that about emotional pain. Understanding how overwhelm, resentment, and anger work can help with forgiveness, self-honesty, and finding peace. We can learn to accept that the world is a mirror and consider now much we mirror the world, reacting to what happens in our minds. Spiritual practice can keep our heads clear—and grow stronger.

Day Four: Despite what people may say and think, money is not that important to them, and their circumstances reflect that inner reality. We always seem short on time as well as money. This is again a reflection of ourselves, not necessarily of outer “reality,” despite the difficulty in seeing that. Abundance is what we’re really seeking, and the key to Abundance is Love. A fascinating array of projects are possible, even during a poor economy.

Day Five: When we start looking at the business world—and when talking about a job, career, work, whatever your field or area, we’re talking about business—we need to change the way we look at business. People often see the business world as a cold, bottom-line driven battle for riches, but it’s really more about people and relationship—what each person offers, and how people’s needs can be served. Working is like running your own business.

Day Six: You can each create your own opportunities, whether an ideal job, project, or business, and you need not be wealthy to do so or promote it—but you will have to come face to face with yourself and what you really want, whatever that may be. The stumbling blocks are that people often do not know what they want, and hence tend to react rather than build. Even as an employee, you can create better opportunities right where you are.

Day Seven: Our addictions and chronic behavior patterns are escapes from self-examination, as they embody our fears; to release them, stop trying to do everything yourself, replace old habits with new ones, see the world as a reflection of self instead of blaming it, and strive to be of service and to live a spiritually centered life. One more thing—addiction and behavior patterns come from fear, and the antidote is to choose love.

Day Eight: All the spiritual texts say the same–we already are Enlightened, that we are just unaware. A spiritually connected life is not one based on blind faith. Search your life experiences for what you truly believe and practice that firm knowledge daily—it will grow, and with it, your awakening. Regular mediation practice is a wonderful tool. You will find your spirituality growing in ways you could not have imagined. And you will grow too.

Day Nine: We only truly grow in relationships, as these open the parts we keep closed, forcing us to examine and address them. Work through the painful moments, and learn to see these processes as the blessings and healings they truly are. The Truth about who we are and how special we are is revealed in relationships–unless dimmed (denied really) by fears and uncertainties. Once we’re past this, we can see the Truth of this process in All Things.

Day Ten: Getting unstuck isn’t a one time thing…it’s a spiral, a continuing process, as we continue to grow. Healing means addressing our physical needs, our emotions, and our thoughts, but it also means learning and accepting that we are meant to be happy, whole, passionate, an expression of the divine, and we CAN—in daily life, in vocation, with others, and in joyous spiritual balance, living in gratitude for each moment of each day.

Structure of program

Here’s how the program works.

We’ll meet via teleconference line on these 10 days, 2 p.m. Eastern Time, for 60-90 minutes:

Jan. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 16

Each call will be recorded, so you’ll be able to participate even if you have a time conflict.

We’ll have time for your Q&A as well.

You’ll also receive PDF material of that day’s topic sent to your inbox each of the 10 days.

Here’s how to join “Getting Unstuck: Heal your Life”

To join “Getting Unstuck: Heal your Life,” choose one of the options below.

Getting Unstuck: Heal Your Life - Option 1
Getting Unstuck: Heal Your Life - Option 1
Includes the 10 days of calls, recordings, and PDF material
Getting Unstuck: Heal Your Life - Option 2
Getting Unstuck: Heal Your Life - Option 2
Includes the 10 days of calls, recordings, and PDF material. Also includes one year of quarterly Q&A calls (begins in March)

Often, following a content-rich intensive program, you can find yourself afterwards with questions about implementation, about clarification, about applications you didn’t anticipate. This very low-cost opportunity allows you that follow-up support and assistance.​.​

Which of these options is the best fit for you?

Here’s the opportunity. Let’s realize the dream I’ve had since 2007, and get you unstuck.

I can show you the way. Please join me—and thrive.

tim-dogMany Blessings in 2016,

Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing