ENERGIZE…a Life-Changing Wellness Plan

This customized wellness coaching program is designed to help you accomplish your health, wellness and fitness goals through a convenient, enjoyable and efficient step-by-step approach with a minimum 3-month commitment on your part. We work together by phone and online, which is even more convenient for you.

Why should you consider coaching? Ask Yourself These Important Questions:

  • Do I feel stressed, overwhelmed or exhausted?
  • Do I get enough sleep?
  • Do I worry a lot? Do I relax easily?
  • Do I drink enough water?
  • Do I get enough exercise?
  • Do I need to lose weight?
  • Do I eat more junk food than I would like?
  • Do I have a health concern? In what way is this affecting my life?
  • How is it impacting those I care about?

Everyone deserves to feel good and to enjoy life! We all just need some basic tools and a solid support system. This program is designed to deliver results! Coaching can really help …You’ll have more energy, less stress and more peace of mind. WE FOCUS ON: Health, Wellness, Life Balance, Vitality, Sound Sleep, Nutrition, Hydration

The ENERGIZE 90-Day Program Includes:

  • One 60-Minute Individual Personal Wellness and Energy Coaching Session per month
  • Personal Health, Wellness and Energy Assessment
  • Monthly Action Plan and Progress Report
  • Weekly Guided Focus Meditation (Recorded with 24-Hour Replay Access)
  • Weekly Recorded Wellness Group Call with 24-Hour Replay Access
  • Weekly Support tools: videos, articles, nutrition and fitness tips sent via email