Emboldened Heart – Daily UpLift

We are all ONE…

Each day you will receive a short, special daily message designed to “lift you up” into a higher vibration for the day.

The message will be designed to bless you, calm your emotions,clear your mind and ground you into your body so that you have more  peace, joy, clarity and understanding while moving into “THE NEW.”

The daily message will be no longer than 15 minutes, will sometimes be a meditation, sometimes be a message of inspiration, and a song, or even a video link may included.

Malinda will feel into things and create a message for you…one she feels will most bless and lift you up for the day.

Begin receiving these Emboldened Heart Daily “UpLifts” by clicking below:

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You will receive an email each day of the month that will show up in your inbox just after midnight, Central US Time.

Billing will continue monthly every 30 days, ongoing. You may cancel at any time, however.