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Optimal Well-Being Package
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This special collection of programs will help you cultivate the well-being in body, mind and spirit that supports you in achieving Success Beyond Belief!

The normal asking price for these programs, if purchased individually,
would be nearly

Here’s what you get:

Item #1
The Key to Success (PDF)


Do you dream of a better life, but find it difficult to make it happen?
Do you suffer from stress, unhealthy habits and other symptoms of a
life out of balance? Have you’ve read all the self-help books, but
yourself unable (or unwilling) to finish them or do the exercises? This
book can change all of that for the better. In The Key to Success, you
will discover what has been holding you back, and learn simple and
effective tools – including the cutting-edge Emotional Freedom
Techniques – to activate your natural ability to succeed!

Item #2
Tappings (38 MP3s)

Here are 19 recorded rounds of tapping (2 MP3s per round) for a
variety of issues, such as money blocks, feelings of unworthiness
and loneliness.
So, who is ready to get rapid relief from a variety of troubling issues –
right now – in the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you go…?

People are always asking me, “What should I say while tapping?”
Especially when one starts out with EFT, it can be a challenge with
coming up with the words to repeat.

The answer was to create eTappings: recorded rounds of EFT on a
variety of specific issues that you can play on your computer, burn to
a CD, or transfer to your MP3 player. (Maybe I should call them

Each eTappings has two components: rounds for clearing the
negative statement, followed by rounds to enhance the desired
positive. And eTappings can be used repeatedly, because as each
issue is cleared, the unconscious mind will discover related issues
and allow the tapping to clear those as well.

eTappings will also help you become more comfortable with the
tapping process, so that you will find yourself naturally discovering
the right words for each round.


– Feeling unworthy/I am worthy and deserving
– Stress/I feel calm
– Anger/Forgiveness
– Food craving/I choose to be healthy
– Loneliness/I feel joyfully connected
– Fear of flying/Flying comfort
– Fear of success/Embracing success
– Fear of failure/Feeling confident
– Money is bad/Allowing abundance
– Resistance to change/Embracing change
– Fear of public speaking/Speaking confidence
– Sense of lack/Gratitude and Prosperity
– Insomnia/Sleep ease
– Procrastination/Motivation
– Resisting exercise/Exercise excitement
– Smoking craving/I make healthy choices
– Fear of dentist/Feeling calm about seeing dentist
– Performance anxiety (sports, arts, etc.)/Getting better
– Academic/test performance anxiety/Getting better

Item #3
The EFT Wizard’s Big Book of Tapping Scripts

At last!I am often asked for tapping scripts, and now I have put a bunch
of ’em together in an e-book.

No long sales copy — I hope that won’t disappoint you. Chances are
that if you are here, you are already familiar with my work, and are
looking to have the wording in printed form.

Simply put, you get 101 tapping scripts (well over 300 pages!)
garnered from various teleclasses — primarily Tapping into Abundance —
filled with ideas and metaphors and life lessons that will help you
release limiting beliefs and enhance your ability to allow an ever-
greater abundance of health, wealth and happiness in your life.

These contain more than simple tapping phrases. It’s like an
interactive education in the Law of Attraction!

Item #4
Golf Beyond Belief (MP3)

Who else wants a simple but powerful way to get the winning
Lots of teleseminars are out there promising to give you more –
and I’m here to offer you less…

Less stress…
Less yips…
Less strokes on your score card… (okay – grammatically that should
be “fewer” – but I was on a roll…)

Of course, you’ll also get more – more enjoyment of the game!

EFT is proving to be the secret weapon of a growing number of
golfers. I’m here to help you add this tool to your arsenal.

Golf Beyond Belief! – The Teleseminar (Or, as one participant called
it: ‘How to become the Fastest Improving Golfer in the World’)

Item #5
Sales Beyond Belief (3 MP3s & PDF)

Are you ready to move your sales career (and your life) powerfully
The thoughts that go through your head are the most important factor
in determining your success in any area of life, including sales.

If you are ready to dump the thoughts that are blocking your success –
and adopt empowering beliefs that move you powerfully forward
towards the abundance you both desire and deserve – here’s
something that will create an amazing shift in your prosperity

Sales Beyond Belief — the Teleseminar!

In the next 90 minutes, you could be releasing limiting beliefs —
and creating empowering ones — in this powerful and entertaining
presentation by “EFT Wizard” Brad Yates.

You’ll make positive changes in your life, and you’ll have fun.

But, that’s not all you get…!

Purchase this teleseminar today and you will also receive a special
report entitled; “The Key to Achieving Sales Beyond Belief!” In this
eBook, you’ll learn how to limit beliefs limiting your sales success,
and how to turn that around.

On top of that, you will receive a special MP3 of a guided imagery
to program your mind for more confidence and success in sales–don’t
be surprised when you find yourself wanting to use this daily.

This could be the best thing you do for your sales career all year – and
will set you up for a prosperous 2010!

Item #6
Program Yourself for Success (MP3)

This may come as a surprise to you, but…You are 100% successful – 100% of the time!

Here’s the catch: you are successful at creating what you expect –
at creating what your unconscious mind thinks is appropriate and
safe. Whatever you may consciously desire, your unconscious mind
may have other ideas.

Want to know what it wants? Take a look around you at your present
circumstances – at your current level of health, wealth and happiness.
That is what you have successfully created.

You cannot expect things to change outside of you until they change

So… how do you make these changes?

By changing your internal program settings.

You Program Yourself for Success!

In this powerful 24 minute audio combining guided imagery and EFT,
you will reprogram yourself for increased success, as well as tap away
internal blocks to doing so.

You probably have a long list of things you know you “should” do to
be more successful in various areas of your life… and it may well
frustrate you that you are not doing them.

“Before you can do something, you must first be something.”
— Goethe

If you aren’t deciding who you will be, your unconscious will decide
based on what is familiar. And you will unconsciously make choices
and take actions that keep you there. If you keep doing what you’ve
always done… yup, you keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

If you want to do and have more, then you need to decide internally
to be more.

You create your reality, so choose to make it better. You are the only
one who can. This audio will support you in doing so at a very deep
and effective level.

This guided imagery came to me during one of my weekly teleclasses,
and the folks who already love my work (well, the work that comes
through me…) found this to be one of the most powerful and important
pieces I’ve done.

I then used it with other clients, and one insisted I record it and make
it available to others. As I am here to be of maximum service, who
was I to argue?

Although folks are calling this guided imagery transformational and
potentially priceless, it sells for the same price as my eTappings:
just $16. I know I could charge more. I know it is worth more. But I
want it to be easy for you to get it today and start making positive
changes, because then you will begin to make a bigger difference in
the world.

Item #7
Tapping Into Creativity (14 MP3s)
This is a 14 week teleclass series which I did with a group of folks
following the 12 week creative recovery course in Julia Cameron’s
The Artist’s Way. It is a fantastic and powerful (and fun!) journey.

Again – if you purchased all these items individually
on my site, it would cost $464. You can get the whole
kit-and-kaboodle today for only $97!

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