Birth Trauma Healing Program


Are You Still Carrying It…


I WENT THROUGH THIS PROGRAM TO HEAL THE TRAUMA OF MY PREMATURE BIRTH EXPERIENCE…I LIVED THE FIRST DAYS OF MY LIFE IN AN INCUBATOR…ALONE AND TERRIFIED…and I had no idea how much this has impacted my life on all levels…I truly had no idea of what a difference I would feel! AMAZING!!!

Rebecca Messenger’s work is always WOW!!! SHE is a powerful healer and a friend of mine. I LOVE HER work and am always fascinated to learn from her and receive healing from her…

This program could help you…IT CERTAINLY HELPED ME!

Rebecca’s guide, ISIS, has given her a new take on the whole  birth  situation…

“The Isis Method” featuring the Greatest Midwife of all…Isis!

The program described, in Rebecca’s own words:

” I’m so touched…I feel tears in my eyes.

As I was preparing for the upcoming Advanced class on Healing Womb Trauma/Birth Violence, I heard the sweet voice of the Life-giver Isis, whisper in my ear.

“Did you know that I am known as the Great Midwife?

Those who call on my energy stream to help with childbirth will find great relief. If you invite me…I desire to participate in your class and bestow a ‘Birth Blessing and Sacred Awakening’ to all those who attend.

Well…my vote is Yes!

Isis further recommended that I segment our class into Modules.

Purpose: To define and heal…Where you NOT Fully showing up in your life. Your finances? Your relationships? Your self- image? All can be directly connected to womb/birth trauma.

Why? Because in the womb you are highly sensitive to sound, vibration and emotions of others. Negative impressions are often’ cemented in’ during the birth process (especially if it is a typical hospital birth or if there were any difficulties present)


Here are the modules as outlined by Isis:

*Grounding /deepening Module:

Benefit- This will allow you to have this experience down to the bone!


First get grounded then we activate a deepening of your psychic awareness. Using HPT with the addition of Isis recommended ancient practices. (Don’t worry that you don’t know how…I will guide you every step, Both Isis and I are right there with you)


*Calling in Your Soul family Module:

Benefit- You can affect positively the lives of millions and assist your ancestry/descendants now.


You will invite your entire soul cluster to partake in this healing with you.


* NOT Showing up Module:

Benefit- Sets the intention of the class and give you a measurable goal.


Energy exercises led by teacher to discover the REAL way you are not showing up and how you can really show up now!


*Personal Divine Confessor Module:

Benefit- You will feel a million pounds lighter… able to leap tall buildings with a single bound! (OK, exaggerating a bit on the single bound)


OMG! This revelation from Divine Mother is the most valuable asset to your spiritual advancement that you could ever have. Divine Mother has created an ‘order’ of Divine Confessors due to the great damage being caused by ‘guilt feelings’.

We are not speaking of the really big guilts (we know what to do about those) it’s the little, niggling guilts that keep us from walking fully in our power. Yes, the tiny pangs of barely discernible guilt keep us from Showing Up.

I consider this the most Powerful part of this class. It’s what you have been waiting for…Your Divine Confessor only has one job…to Accept your burdens if you allow it. There is never and judgment allowed for this order…only love.

Because this order was established by Divine Mother for the sole purpose of ‘taking your burdens of guilt’ ,each confessor receives ‘brownie points’ for each burden they take on. (I’ll explain more in the audio class)

You will make very good use of your personal Divine Confessor while having your womb/birth healing experience. (yep, we started with guilt even in utero, causing pain, wrong time, wrong gender, not wanted…on and on- With this, you will get rid of it before you are born.

** Don’t forget- a lot of guilt isn’t even yours.

***You will KNOW the name of your own Personal Divine Confessor and how to call them to you .Once installed, they will never leave unless you send them away.

The Womb Journey begins…

* Sacred Soul Song Module:

Benefits – Sacred Soul Song heals, especially when in the womb and being amplified by water.


Discover your sacred soul song, sing it to yourself in the womb and sing it now to fill yourself with light…anytime, anywhere.


*Your Mission Module:

Benefits- a far greater sense of purpose and confidence.


We will have Divine assistance with this while in a trance-like state. (I have my instructions from Divine Mother on this)


* Perfect Attraction Module:

Benefit- How to attract everything you need to yourself in perfect Divine Timing.


Using a simple Sufi practice, you will easily understand and be able to implement.


Stay Strong Module:

Benefit- Staying strong and not being knocked off your bearings gives you extraordinary confidence. Confidence means more wealth, more love…more everything.


I have my instructions from Divine Mother and you will LOVE the simplicity of it.


* Holy Spirit Team Module:

Benefit- having your own team of Holy Spirit council to advise you is priceless. Inviting them in the womb state is acknowledging your worthiness and this cannot be taken away.


Easily though the deep meditation and trance-like state. (No worries, Beloved… Isis and I got this)

Isis Birth Blessing and Awakening Module:

Benefit- you will experience a blessing of Light and Awakening that will stay with you from now onward.

Nutshell: The benefits of this class are-

• Less guilt- whether it’s yours or not

• A sense of worthiness

• Knowing your purpose

• Staying strong

• More awakened

• Attracting what you need when you need it

• Showing up…Fully!

Q. Who should take this class?

A. Anyone who feels like it’s time to fully Show Up!

Q. Anyone who should Not take this class?

A.• Anyone who objects to the Divine Feminine (cause She’s gonna be fully present)

• Anyone who doesn’t want to experience an altered state of consciousness

• Anyone who wants to keep using their womb/birth trauma as an excuse for not Showing up.

• Anyone who doesn’t want a “Personal Divine Confessor”(whose only job is to lighten their burdens)

• Anyone who doesn’t want to know how to attract and thrive in Divine timing

• Anyone who Doesn’t want a Birth Blessing and Awakening from the Life-giver…Isis”



Give yourself this gift…YOU DESERVE IT!

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