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Benson Simmonds is an award-winning life coach, educator and energy healer who has been studying mysticism, meditation and spirituality for over 20 years. Both in his private coaching practice and in his new book SOULAR POWER, Benson has dedicated himself inspiring others to awaken the true power of their soul, what he calls your “Soular Power, S-O-U-L-A-R Power.. He has developed clear effective strategies for shifting from fear into love and from ego into soul through JOY!


This very special package includes:

  1. Two one-hour private coaching sessions with Benson by skype, facetime or in person if you live in Los Angeles. During these sessions Benson will work with you through words of guidance and inspiration and energetic healing to help you transform blocks and limiting beliefs with Joy. He will further explain and help you “download” his proven strategies for improving all relationships, healing physically and emotionally, attracting abundance, shifting from fear to joy and living a happier, more loving and exciting life. He will also help you feel more passion and purpose in life.
  2. A printable pdf copy of Benson’s inspirational book….SOULAR POWER

COACHING PACKAGE – $314.00 value

Yours NOW for ONLY $97.00