Autism Alternatives – Emotion/Body Code with Malinda

This is a recording of a talk given by Malinda Zarate during our first Autism Alternatives Summit. Please enjoy!

The Emotion Code – an Understanding


**Special Offer: A package of 3 individual 50-minute sessions with Malinda Zarate. This special package is offered to anyone currently affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder, whether you are a parent, sibling, educator or person over the age of 18 affected by or labeled as having the disorder.

During each of these 3 sessions  we will be working with The Emotion/Body Code, a gentle energetic approach to releasing trapped emotions and energetic blocks that may be causing physical, mental or emotional difficulties.

This approach is entirely voluntary.

These sessions are does not replace medical care or medical diagnosis.

This energy work is spiritual in nature and Malinda Zarate is an ordained interfaith, non-denominational minister.

Your purchase of this special package constitutes your understanding and agreement of the above statements.

3-Session Package Price is only $147 (33% discount)