Alison Kay’s “GO BIG” Special Offer


Package A – Growing My Dreams BIG!

Are you ready to change your life so you can CREATE YOUR BEST LIFE EVER?

This program is one way people use to get there.

Group Healing Program  – 4 weeks of live calls each Tuesday at 9 pm EST 

Simple & easy from the comfort of your own home. Alison will interact directly with you in the energy field live on the calls, assisting you with clearing away the “yuck” and giving you the greater level of YES! that you desire.

How does it get any better than that? Welcome to seeing what else is possible!



Here’s what’s included each month:

  • Four (4) weeks of one-hour LIVE calls with Dr. Alison

  • Over four (4) hours of LIVE Group Clearing & Activation Sessions which focus on those specific issues present in each group member’s energy field ($200 value)

  • PLUS mp3 recordings of each call to re-listen to again and again for ongoing, deeper healing ($200 value)

  • SPECIAL BONUS: Instantly receive a 60 minute clearing audio mp3 “ThetaHealing for Receiving More of Everything!”($100 value)

 The effects are immediately tangible and still keep building weeks after!

Weekly Group ThetaHealing Sessions

This technique is a favorite of the seven (7) energy medicine treatments that Alison offers.

In fact, there’s little that’s subtle about this healing modality.  The clearings will tend to hit you like a hammer, and Alison nails it right on the head – knocking out your small, chattering mind full of anxious, worried, or just not so enjoyable thoughts, and replacing it with a cleared mental slate. The Activations, or “downloads,” help you to consistently & increasingly attune to have the allowance to receive the results you came to her for (i.e. abundance, self-love, success with career). This is part of what makes this work so effective at actually getting you your desired results because it creates allowance that can override your and the natural resistance to change. Great stuff!

 Some benefits and client results include:

  • Feeling lighter and more positive in your thinking

  • Noticing the negative thinking is gone, some say “It’s magic!” and “That was better than sex!”

  • Some clients enjoyed the biggest sales in their businesses – both during the actual workshop and then afterwards

  • Some finally found their dream jobs

  • Some experienced moving into a new, more positive living space

  • Some found that long sought-after new love

  • Some had more ease in making much needed changes in their relationships


 Get freedom from the blocks that you’ve found yourself up against time and again!

Like that thing that you still haven’t been able to weed out of your thinking, or showing up in your life – yeah, that!  But the EXTRA BONUS here is that you’re given access to new frequencies (all thoughts & beliefs have their own) BEYOND the initial blocks getting cleared that are the frequencies of you having, creating and living what you are desiring.  By Alison “downloading” these new energies of what you’re desiring to your consciousness, she ensures that, walking away, YOU ARE EQUIPPED TO MOVE BEYOND THE BLOCKS AND FORWARD WITH A MOMENTUM FOR WHAT YOU DESIRE EASILY MANIFESTING, BECAUSE YOU’RE ALLOWING & MAGNETIZING the new frequencies of your desires – and again, allowing for it. You’re attuned, in other words, to your desires and NOT your blocks.

Proud and Free Bald Eagle

Alison is frequently called the “lightning bolt” who “has hawk eyes” after people work with her, even for just 10 minutes!

Being LIVE on the phone during each call is extremely powerful as you will not only be cleared of your energetic blocks… every participant will be a contribution to your healing as you are all a part of the energy field that Alison will be clearing.  It has been found that these Group Thetahealings are in a different sense MORE powerful due to the dynamics and energy effects of “when more than one gathers” and the way consciousness works!

Every week is different.  A different mix of people are participating and therefore different energies are arising to be cleared on each separate group gathering.  It’s important to note that even if you’re NOT able to join us live on the calls, energetically you are absolutely included in the group and you WILL benefit and will also have the replay available to listen anytime.

Note: as of around mid 2014 this call has increasingly become joined by more and more advanced people, clear that they are desiring strong support to activate themselves to go out and create something that may not be a part of what most are creating around them. As they are pioneers helping to usher in this new era of living an awakened & inspired life, where they’re vital and present because they enjoy their lives. They’ve realized they have the power to actually create something new & something desired, and are leaders for us all in how they are allowing themselves to create their best lives ever, in this new paradigm of the Spiritual Awakening Era. So if you’re looking for others who are doing this – here we are! Tuned in and Turned on! Awake, Alive and Ready to Thrive. Grounded, Present & Peaceful.

Package A  –  $97.00

4 Weekly live clearing calls with Alison Kay

4 Recordings of the live clearing calls

Bonus Clearing mp3 entitled ““ThetaHealing for Receiving More of Everything!”


Package B – Growing My Dreams BIGGER


Stop Stopping Yourself!

Includes the 4 live clearing and activation calls from Package A above…

Plus the “Stop Stopping Yourself” Audio Program

SPECIAL BONUS: Instantly receive a 60 minute clearing audio mp3 “ThetaHealing for Receiving More of Everything!”($100 value)

Package B  – Includes the 4 live clearing and activation calls from Pkg A PLUS “Stop Stopping Yourself” Audio Program and ThetaHealing Bonus mp3 audio

These gentle clearings have strong outcomes that will help you clear the resistance and self-sabotage right out of your unconscious & subconscious so that the lower ego-mind vibrations – where you are still trying to play small – are replaced with the higher vibrations of expansion, joy, love and ease and aligning you with higher vibrational thoughts/feelings/emotions.

This will clear out any of the blocks that typically keep you from grounding your presence down into your body, to fully be here, centered in your life in preparation for the UPgrade.  Then throughout the clearings and activations within this potent 3-part series, Dr. Alison will skillfully take the most common beliefs that you may be holding towards failure and not reaching your potential and turn them around into the positive – setting you up to fully embody being the active Co-Creator in all areas of your life.
Listening to these clearings and activations repeatedly will have a cumulative effect with opening up your Co-Creator’s channel with the relevant frequencies so that your new vibration and new life await you.

Product Description

Three (3) MP3 audio downloads each containing 60 minutes of targeted clearings and belief reprogramming for you to Stop Stopping Yourself! and Access Your YES!  Repeated listening of these audios is recommended to enable you to experience the cumulative effect of the healing. 

Dr. Alison starts with the clearing out any of the blocks that typically keep you from grounding your Presence down into your body, to fully be here, centered in your life, so that you’re able to then, from this First Root Chakra stabilized perspective, create what it is you desire. She then moves into specific clearings for the Second Sacral Chakra around procrastination and self-sabotage which carries into individual clearings for the Third Solar Plexus Chakra on self-acceptance and seeking approval.

This serves as the foundation to ground listeners into their bottom three chakras so that a stabilized, centered presence is achieved. She then delivers an absolute onslaught of precision clearings around any and all possible beliefs people use to stop themselves that she has identified from over 20 yrs of client work.  She digs down deep into the subconscious and unconscious levels re-aligning you and turning them into the positive.

Ultimately then, you’ll arrive at the final threshold of clearings, where Dr. Alison is setting you up to fully embody being the active co-creator who understands at an embodied level what your choices are creating – or by lack of choices not creating – in all areas of your life. And deepening this into opening up into the highest possible potential for outcomes as a result of your increasing ability to make choices that result from your increasing alignment with your joy, fulfillment, bliss and well-being.

There is a near equal amount of time spent in both lands – the clearing out of any and all excuses to not go for what you consciously or unconsciously know you’re not giving yourself in your life and living AND then providing the vibrational UPgrade to becoming the embodied Co-Creator aligned with Source energy and uplifting yourself into the unlimited potential and field of possibilities that surround us all.

Pay special attention to the 2nd call in the series for the biggest most robust and impactful throat chakra & neck clearings of any and all traumas Dr. Alison has ever done. She specifically targeted neck issues from past life death to neck trauma i.e. during religious persecution and witch hunt days; hangings, guillotine, chopping.

This is huge in wiping clean your throat chakra – a very common clearing that Dr. Alison has been doing which has increasingly shown up amongst our population regarding feeling unrestricted in this chakra that we choose & create our lives from. This marks a powerful turning point for everyone who receives that clearing.

Also note that she has added a specifically selected sound healing tone into the 3rd audio to increase the effectiveness of the activations and healing.

As this New Era of Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening is predicted to increase in 2016 and beyond… What are you waiting for when there’s so much ease and support and nurturing bestowal of blessings upon anyone who chooses this alignment and expansion.

Package B  –  $147.00

4 Weekly live clearing calls with Alison Kay

4 Recordings of the live clearing calls

Bonus Clearing mp3 entitled ““ThetaHealing for Receiving More of Everything!”

Plus “Stop Stopping Yourself” program consists of 3 audio clearing mp3s



Alison J. Kay, PhD, is a force! She’s a Holistic Life Coach, India trained Yoga & Meditation teacher, Personal Trainer, and energy healer/shifter of 16 years, is nicknamed “the lightning bolt” due to the power of her energy healings with clients all across the globe.

The unique blend of credentials, use of multiple modalities, and wealth of experience she acquired during the 10 years she spent living in Asia studying subtle energy practices make her perspective and manner of working with people around the world incredibly powerful.

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