Moving On: Letting Go & Aligning with the 5-D Golden World

Dr. Alison J. Kay’s Special Offer for Emboldened Heart:
Moving On: Letting Go & Aligning with the 5-D Golden World
Vibrational UPgrade – A Conspiracy For Your Bliss: Easing Humanity’s Evolutionary Transition
This is a sample from Dr. Alison‘s newest book just released on 7/26
Included is frankly, the juiciest part of the book, never before released to the public. It includes the Introduction to this golden treasure, and then a sample chapter, “Replacing Forcing and Efforting With Allowing and Receiving”  and “Turiya: The Fourth State of Consciousness,” from the last section of the book, the Advanced Section.
Dr. Alison,  when asking for guidance about what the Emboldened Heart community would most benefit from now,  and realizing  most folks in the EH Community are not beginners but rather advanced, special beings… it seemed more of a contribution to  give away a few of the ancient yogic secrets about bliss from Gurudev himself!
Retail Value – $ 17.95 on Amazon. Per Dr. Alison, “this is the juiciest part of the book, the information is priceless, honestly.”Smiley
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ITEM #2    
 “Stop Stopping Yourself And Access Your YES”
… A Brand NEW Product offered for the first time for the Emboldened Heart community!

These gentle clearings have strong outcomes that will help you clear the resistance and self-sabotage right out of your unconscious & subconscious so that the lower ego-mind vibrations – where you are still trying to play small – are replaced with the higher vibrations of expansion, joy, love and ease and aligning you with higher vibrational thoughts/feelings/emotions.

This will clear out any of the blocks that typically keep you from grounding your presence down into your body, to fully be here, centered in your life in preparation for the UPgrade.  Then throughout the clearings and activations within this potent 3-part series, Dr. Alison will skillfully take the most common beliefs that you may be holding towards failure and not reaching your potential and turn them around into the positive – setting you up to fully embody being the active Co-Creator in all areas of your life.
Listening to these clearings and activations repeatedly will have a cumulative effect with opening up your Co-Creator’s channel with the relevant frequencies so that your new vibration and new life await you.

The frequencies of the pending Golden Era we’re in the midst of transitioning into by 2032 seem to be causing the reactions, conflict, etc. that we’re seeing. BUT THIS IS NEW ERA IS  NOT about struggle. It IS about, seemingly, unconditional love and ease and joy and abundance – and living in alignment with Source, while having MASSIVELY UPGRADED co-creative powers.
Retail Value $111
 Golden Energy Medicine Transmission for the 3 Key Chakras For Creating, Receiving, Allowing Yourself to Go For the Life You Desire
Powerful video 5- minute energy medicine transmissions from videos of Dr. Alison delivering these mini-sessions via her hands, a brand new product released only 1 time before and to a limited audience! You will not be the same after receiving these. For it is this energy that has people on a wait list to get to work with her one on one. This was Dr. Alison‘s way of getting more of these vibrations out to more people, as we continue to have the old dismantled and crumbling, while building the new, and somewhat questioning what this new will look like. The trust that is required during these times to stay in alignment, along with the power to stay centered in your intuitive and instinctual knowing, as well as your right to feel the way you feel and empower yourself  to go for what you desire and express your truest Self is all addressed here. The heart chakra video deserves particular attention – you’ll see why once you view it and receive the energy in this one!
Chakras covered: 4th, 3rd and 2nd. What Dr. Alison has viewed as containing some of the messiest human density, as well as the strongest aspects within these chakras to become the 5-D Beings we are in the midst of becoming, and learning new skills and new ways to be in order to do so – and thrive.
Each transmission goes quite deep although it may not appear to. As Dr. Alison is known to frequently say, ” I continue to be shown how the most power is in the most subtle.” So please monitor yourself for the emotional, mental and physical reactions of a Healing Response, and use this as your guide for how frequently to view & receive these potent Vibrational UPgrades to your system.
Retail Value: $150
Root Chakra
Chakra Attunement mp3  for the Root Chakra
The Root Chakra is key right now, for many reasons. One is that it is our firm foundation upon which we’ll build the new, and as these higher frequencies come through, they’re bringing many folks up to the higher chakras so folks are up in their heads more, but not only heady, also spacey. This is typical to anyone right now attuned to these frequencies in any way.
Also key is that this chakra is what we abandon when we don’t want to be here, because of the family of beliefs around life being hard when in the body, there’s a lot of suffering when in the body, or any trauma incurred or perceived around one’s birth. Not feeling wanted, abandonment and neglect are all examples of what then create the host of beliefs relevant to the root chakra that are cleared, with the opposite, positive aspect downloaded – from Creator’s Perspective.
Finally, this is also one of the main money chakras, so to stabilize and move forward creating the life you desire, we require the finances that support us in doing so.
This Root Chakra mp3 of Clearings & Activations has been known to rock people’s worlds quite literally, and form a new foundation – from which they’re able to then assess their lives from a grounded perspective, assess what is and isn’t working, and begin to make the choices that will create the changes to begin to build what is desired.
Retail value: $47
Eradicating the Lack Paradigm; Bringing You Firmly Into the Abundance Paradigm
Powerful audio mp3 of a very potent transmission by Dr. Alison for massive money clearings. These, hard core clearings & activations reflect Dr. Alison’s intolerance for the lack paradigm – especially when it is used as an excuse to stop ourselves from our expansion. She did this call spontaneously to help quantum leap Magical Beings – YOU! – forward, as more folks open to their Spiritual Awakening, and require the grounding and the money to BE the contribution they desire to be.
Retail Value $25      True Value: priceless, from a group transmission.