Aleya Dao’s Special Offer



  1. Daily Cups of Consciousness Daily Meditations – 5 days a week for one full month
    7 Minute Audio Meditations Delivered via Email. Shift your consciousness simply by listening.
  2. Tall Cups of Consciousness Energy Session for the next 3 months. (You can join a live video tele-conference call. Afterward you receive the replay recordings). Each TALL Cups session focuses on the following to help you shift your energetic fields and transform your consciousness and life:
  • Energetic Balance
  • Slowing the aging process.
  • Improving health.
  • Increasing energetic awareness and the ability to receive information from your Guides.
  • Greater connection to the divine aspect of your essence.
  • Decreasing reactivity.
  • Increasing inner peace.
  • Manifesting your intentions.
  1. Three downloadable audio Album’s by Aleya filled with beautiful and powerful healing music:
  •      Awaken Album
  •     Aleya’s Lullabies Album
  •     Om-ing with Whales Album

This wonderful package is yours for $97