About Malinda


Malinda is an entrepreneur, wellness expert, Nia fitness instructor, speaker, trainer, coach, mystic, minister, mediator, transformation specialist, nature-lover, travel bug, life-long student, mom and grandma with unbridled enthusiasm for “heart-based” living. This passion led her to found Emboldened Heart,  with a focus on matters of the heart and soul. 

EMBOLDENED HEART online  global training academy is a portal of education, sharing and  personal transformation for all who desire a bigger, brighter life…

Malinda has developed an inspired energetic approach that anyone can learn to use to create more health, wellness, wholeness and happiness and connection with life, with others, with the world at large!

This new approach did not show up until she really needed it. Like so many others, Malinda’s childhood was no cakewalk…and there were some pretty tough experiences that she had to go through as a teenager and young mother. She was tenacious in her desire to learn and grow. She became successful in business, as well, but it came at a cost…After years of working long, stress-filled hours in the world of marketing and finance as an international consultant, Malinda experienced burnout and serious health challenges. This absolutely got her attention…

Desperately seeking answers, she discovered and began using special energetic health approaches which completely changed her life for the better.  She immersed herself in learning more about these amazing health and wellness methods and received training in several powerful energetic healing systems, in order to help others get the same or even better results. She has enormous passion and enthusiasm for her mission, inspiring and teaching others to use life-changing energy processes to transform health, emotional, financial and relationship issues. These energetic approaches work gently and effectively to balance and restore health and wellness supporting a person to feel relaxed, grounded and joyful, thus paving the way for more peace of mind, more happiness and enjoyment of life on all levels.

Malinda happily hosts regular teleseminar events and interviews visionaries, authors, teachers, healers and way-showers. She has a regular Blog Talk Radio program focusing on the “Energy of Everything”. She is available for individual sessions in Reconnective Healing, as well as Higher Guidance Life Coaching, Emotion Code, Body Code,  Health and Wellness Coaching and Flower Essence Healing Sessions. She is available for speaking engagements and would be honored to share her energy and enthusiasm with you.


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Malinda Explains:

 “Emboldened Heart – what does it mean?” A dear friend who happens to be a bit of a skeptic about all things considered energy-transformational (some call it “Woo Woo”) recently viewed my website at www.emboldenedheart.com

She asked me a really great question… I told her that my new company focus was on heart-based living, and of course she said to me, “What’s that mean”?  I told her it meant that everyone should consider their heart in making any significant life decision, rather than relying strictly on brain logic and critical thinking. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that our heart actually has it’s own intelligence and waves which are actually much stronger with more reach than brainwaves!

I realized that I needed to have a more expanded definition for those questioners who I would surely encounter out there while promoting my events, my business, and my mission. So I thought about it, pondered, contemplated…then looked it up in the dictionary…and Yep! I was right on point…

So here goes:

The actual definition of the word “EMBOLDEN” is:

Thesaurus Legend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
Verb 1. embolden – give encouragement to

buck uptake heart – gain courage
encourage – inspire with confidence; give hope or courage to


verb encouragecheerstirstrengthennervestimulatereassurefireanimaterouseinflamehearten,invigorate, make brave, give courage, vitalizeinspirit Emboldened by his success, he started on a second novel.

Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

Okay, so this is exactly what I’m after here! I want  to ENCOURAGE, STRENGTHEN, REASSURE, ROUSE, ANIMATE, INFLAME, HEARTEN, STIR, CHEER AND VITALIZE  my listeners and followers…..

I do have the right words for my passion and focus – Yes!

I’m very grateful and thankful for those of you who join me in this mission!