Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse!

We just experienced a powerful Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse and the energy is still with us in a big way for the next few days and to a lesser degree for the next six months. BIG STUFF!

Take advantage of this energy, as it is energetically set up for your expansion and connection with your passion, your HEART’S DESIRES… This is about confidence, courage and light! Use it wisely!

Here is some really lovely information from Tania Gabrielle, my favorite astro-numerologist:

With the Total Full Moon Eclipse in Leo, your thoughts are being raised to a new level of genius.

Plus… Uranus is forming a tight T-square with the Sun and Moon (Sun is at 00° Aquarius, the sign Uranus rules) – so this is very dynamic energy! 

Uranus governs the higher mind and stimulates creative innovation.

Uranus electrifies!

To go to this exciting place you need to stop resisting change.

1. Only by embracing the unexpected do you experience momentous breakthroughs


Why battle change, when it’s the fastest way for you to grow?

Uranus is going to make sure you invest in developing your higher mind and see the world with POSITIVE eyes.

2. Your world is transforming in gorgeously beautiful ways. In order to digest the gifts unfolding around you, spend one day a week with all gadgets, phones, computers turned OFF.

Refuel and rejuvenate your Spirit – without being plugged in. Most of what’s on TV or online is toxic.

Instead, do something nice for someone, or gaze into the eyes of a friend and loved one, have a long conversation, spend time in nature and under the stars.

Keep in mind, writing longhand is far better for your Soul, memory and inner creator than typing.

3. Pay attention to how much you and others like to talk – talking and not knowing when to stop is a replacement for doing something worthwhile.

Too much talking (or texting) dissipates your inner Genius.

Respect your time and fill it with significance.

4. Check out your home and studio/office environment. What is displayed? What books, magazines, paintings do you see every day?

Your heart and mind interact with your surroundings – make sure you’re embraced visually by BEAUTY, positive energy and that every room in your home and work area is clean and tidy.

Ask yourself if your environment reflects the level of achievement you desire?

5. Leo symbolizes shining your LIGHT and enhances your self-confidence. Shining a brighter light requires an investment in personal development.

Practical and spiritual guidance from a trusted advisor yields a tenfold increase in your growth and confidence.

Allocate more time on education, less on entertainment.

6. Uranus and Aquarius are pushing you to revolutionize your habits! Do things that are difficult – you’ll enhance your dopamine levels which in turn raises your motivation and courage.

Trust in your inspiration and intuition and just go for it.

Hang out with people who also think outside the box, don’t care what others think about their decisions and are as smart or brighter than you are.

If you’re worried about fitting in, you won’t have any motivation to change your world.

7. Venus conjunct Jupiter with both trine to Mars is a spectacularly happy transit during this Total Lunar Eclipse.

Success follows happiness. Not the other way around.

Follow your bliss FIRST, then experience success in a state of joy. Create! And listen to beautiful music – music is food for the Soul.

SMILE… as often as possible.

I hope you use these tips and lessons to develop your inspirational ideas, make courageous decisions, change your habits and feel electrified by your beautiful potential.

We are living in exciting times!

Allow this Total Eclipse to be a legendary transformation in your life.


FYI, Tania Gabrielle’s work is truly wonderful and, in fact,  I often recommend her to my clients. I am an affiliate for her and do benefit financially if you purchase any of her programs.

To learn more, visit: https://taniagabrielle.isrefer.com/go/MAIN/mzarate/